Pilates is a low-impact exercise to improve strength, posture, mobility and flexibility. The exercise involves repeated controlled movements that pay special attention to the core, which supports the entire frame of the body.

Yoga is also great for balance and flexibility but has a deeper meditative aspect to it and less focus on muscle strength. Both Pilates and Yoga are great low-impact exercises that contribute to holistic well-being.

Pilates can help improve strength, muscle tone, flexibility, balance, mobility, injury prevention and rehabilitation, body awareness, digestive health, mental concentration, stress management, and the list goes on. It is one of the most accommodating exercises that is suitable for all ages, health conditions, and level of physical fitness.

Yes, we do! If you are new to Pilates or wonder what it’s like working out at Hills Pilates, come and join us for a trial class at a special price. Visit our Prices page and book your first session with us today.

All equipment will be readied at our studios and sanitised before use each time, so you really just have to bring yourself.

Refreshments are provided at our lounge area and you can hydrate yourself before the class. Pilates is not a high-intensity exercise and won’t cause you to sweat out, but feel free to bring your own water bottle to rehydrate throughout the class.

Wear clothes that are form-fitting and stretchy, so the instructors can best observe your body’s alignment and for ease of movement. Exercises can be done barefoot or with non-slip socks. Don’t worry if you are not attired properly, we have some activewear available for sale at the studio.

Yes, Pilates involve gentle movements. In fact, it can be beneficial to you and your baby. Please make sure to get your doctor’s clearance first and let us know if you are pregnant or recovering from childbirth, and our instructors will modify the exercise to keep you safe.